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Firedog Lining Dummies

Firedog Lining Dummies

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Are you familiar with the following problems in your gundog training?

- dog who is looking on your hand while sending?
- dog who doesn’t run far enough?
- dog who needs to learn better lining?
- dog who doesn’t trust your hand?

Our new FIREDOG LINING Dummies help to guide you through many situations in gundog training.

These dummies have the special shape with square bottom so they can stand in any terrain easily, even in wind and rain.
Depending on the distance they’re easily visible for a dog so he gets more and more confidence on the blinds. The dogs also learn to keep the straight lines very fast. Even the training of the narrow angles is easier and faster understandable for the dogs. Dogs learn to focus in front and learn to trust your hand showing direction.

FIREDOG LINING dummies have the same weight as standard 500 g dummies.

FIREDOG LINING dummies are a bit more thicker than standard dummies, so they’re also good for dogs playing with dummies in the mouth.


* made from high-quality durable material
* can be used in the water and also with training scents
* available in more colours - we recommend white dummies for young dogs
* without or with throwing toggle (for easy throwing if needed)

Material: 100% canvas
Length: ca. 15,5 cm (without toggle), ca. 18 cm (with toggle)
Diameter: ca. 6,5 cm

Caution: Dummies aren't toys and are not intended for playing and dragging! Dummy substitutes the training game and its purpose is to train retrieving and hunt practice. Do not leave your dog unattended with the dummy and do not let him to chew it.

If the dummies are wet after training, leave them to dry freely in air, not in direct sunlight.
To avoid a possible injury to you and your dog, check the status of your training equipment regularly, and if you find out any damage, do not use them.
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