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  • Absolutely love our Firedog Fur Dummy it's perfect for our GSP and fantastic qualtity

    Love Libby and Mara

  • The Wintercoombe Team are very happy with their new delivery!


  • Loving our paws delivery day, thank you for such friendly speedy service


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    Big thanks to paws@brooklyn for getting replacement leads to me asap today. Fab Service

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Puppy Training

It's so important to take the first steps slowly and gently with your puppy, we offer puppy dummies that are soft and light to help encourange your puppy start their gundog journey. Even if you do not want to work your Dog the basic training for delivery is a vital part of owning a Dog.

Introducing Fur

Paws@brooklyn stock Rabbit dummies and Pheasant pelt and dummies, perfect for introducing Fur to your Dog

Training Essentials

Paws@brooklyn stock a large selction of training essentials, whether you wish to work your Dog in the Field, compete in Field Trials or just want a loving loyal companion we have something for everyone

Ruff and Tumble Drying Coats

    Brand Reps

    We are incredibly lucky to have some wonderful Brand Reps on our team, please follow their accounts on Instagram for a discount code and to follow their training progress.
      Poppy and Wren @the_gundog_spaniels
     Lydia and Thorn @tenderleighdogs

      Ella and Bailey @bailey.wcs

      Louise and her pack @nigirlandherpack - Representing Southern and Northern Ireland

      Billie and her pack @gaolachpack

      Libby and Mara @libby_welbourn

      Sophie with Lady and Ginger @thespanieldiaries_

      Emily and Sam @tillie_terrier1

      Steph and Cai @caithecocker

      Julie and Fidget @julie_withworkinggundogs

      Hope, Muse and Alma @mutleycrewdogs

      Holly, Willow and Forest @serendipityspaniels

      Carla with Harley and Hudson @_harleyandhudson_

      Caroline with Jago and Merryn @jago_and_merryn


      Vanessa and Otis @otis.theworkingcocker

    Jane and her pack @workingcockergundogs

    Becky with her Spaniels @crazy.spaniel.lady

    Family in Fieldsports @family_in_fieldsports