Paws@brooklyn recommended Dog Trainers

Paws@brooklyn are affiliated with some recommended Dog Trainers throughout the Country, they also have their own discount code to offer their clients.

  • Lucy APGI @adharadogtraining Dorset
  • Becky @contendedgundogstrainingclub
  • Tom @trustwelltom - Partner at Trustwell Training in Gloucestershire
  • Becky @Hampshiredogtraining
  • Nicky @Fernspath_dog_training in Romsey Hampshire
  • Jacqui @k9dogtraining Devon
  • Damien @beestfitgundogs in Wiltshire
  • Lyndsay @pawsandplaygundogs
  • Lauren @spiriteddogkent in Kent
  • Gemma @ac_gundogs in Hampshire
  • Lisa @evolutiondogtraining_hq in Wigan
  • Karen IMDTB @maherandhounddogtraining in Hampshire