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Dummy Launchers, Streamer Dummies and Starting Pistol

Dummy Launchers, Streamer Dummies and Starting Pistol

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Paws@brooklyn stock a selection of Dummy Launchers, Streamer launcher  Dummies and starting Pistols.

These are perfect for that next stage of training and help your Dog get used to shot.

Please note: Earplugs are advised, use the correct cartridge/shot, ensure your Dog is ready for the shot to be fired. Do not leave unattended or let children use them, they are NOT toys. You are required by law to be over 18 years of age to purchase or use these.

The starting Pistol is for beginners and is a blank firer for 8 shots, Launchers blanks are NOT to be used in the pistols use only the short or long .22 pistol blanks.

The Dummy Launcher pack consists of: Dummy Launcher and canvas launcher dummy, a PVC launcher dummy, launcher blanks yellow, approx 50m, Spare O rings for launcher pack of 5, earplugs, catalogue.

For the Super Pro Low Recoil Dummy Launchers:

  • Kit contains - launcher with canvas dummy, spare O rings and earplugs.
  • Dual ported stainless steel barrel increases distance and reduces recoil
  • Rugged Solid Aluminum Frame Construction
  • Convenient Built-In Shell Extractor
  • Thick, Dense, Shock Absorbing Recoil Pad
  • Wide Nylon Comfort Grip Handle Sleeve
  • Self-Contained Firing Pin Mechanism for Easy Cleaning and Maintenance
  • UK Proof Tested
  • Launcher Dummies are water and mold resistant for lasting use and are excellent at holding scent


The Ball Boy or Tennis Ball Launcher does not fit this model of the launcher.

The Sporting Saint Stock will also not fit this model of launcher. 

Please Note -
The manufacturer recommends that only the green and yellow launcher blanks be used

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