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Paws@brooklyn are proud to be official stockists for Firedog. We carry dummies, leads, training vests and game bags in stock.

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18 products
  • Firedog Field Trial Slip Leads
  • Firedog Flying Duck Dummy
  • Firedog 80g Pocket/Puppy Dummies
  • Firedog Dummy Ball 150g
  • Firedog 1/2lb 250g & 1lb Dummy with Rabbit Fur
  • Firedog Keyring Dummies
  • Firedog 1lb (500g) Dummies
  • Firedog 1/2lb 250g Dummies
  • Firedog Treat Bags
  • Firedog Easy Fetch 100g Puppy Dummies
  • Firedog Speedy 500g Dummies
  • Firedog 1/2lb 250g Speedy Dummies
  • Firedog 300g Dummy
  • Firedog Dummy Vest Nylon Hunter Green
  • Firedog Hunter Air Training Vest
  • Firedog Snack Dummies