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Firedog Dummy Ball 150g

Firedog Dummy Ball 150g

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Paws@brooklyn stock these lovely light 150g dummy balls with throwing cord and toggle they are perfect not just for training with puppies, but for young and adult dogs, too. Thanks to special shape and weight of the dummy ball you can throw it for long distances. Throwing for long distances is possible thanks to long-throw rope, but with the included plastic handle and optional Dummy Streamers you can use it for perfect markings up to 50 m.
Made from high-quality durable material, usable for water work and with training scents.

Material: 100 % canvas
Length: ca. 13 cm
Diameter: ca. 7 cm

Caution: Dummies aren't toys and are not intended for playing and dragging! Dummy substitutes the training game and its purpose is to train retrieving and hunt practice. Do not leave your dog unattended with the dummy and do not let him to chew it.

If the dummies are wet after training, leave them to dry freely in air, not in direct sunlight.
To avoid a possible injury to you and your dog, check the status of your training equipment regularly, and if you find out any damage, do not use them.
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