Brand Reps

We are incredibly lucky to have some wonderful Brand Reps on our team, please follow their accounts on Instagram for a discount code and to follow their training progress.
  Poppy and Wren @the_gundog_spaniels
 Lydia and Thorn @tenderleighdogs

  Ella and Bailey @bailey.wcs

  Louise and her pack @nigirlandherpack - Representing Southern and Northern Ireland

  Billie and her pack @gaolachpack

  Libby and Mara @libby_welbourn

  Emily and Sam @tillie_terrier1

  Steph and Cai @caithecocker

  Julie and Fidget @julie_withworkinggundogs

  Hope, Muse and Alma @mutleycrewdogs

  Holly, Willow and Forest @serendipityspaniels

  Carla with Harley and Hudson @_harleyandhudson_

  Caroline with Jago and Merryn @jago_and_merryn


  Vanessa and Otis @otis.theworkingcocker

Jane and her pack @workingcockergundogs

Becky with her Spaniels @crazy.spaniel.lady