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Paws Puppy Blog - Part 2

Paws Puppy Blog – Edition 2   Where to start! Welcome back to our Paws Puppy blog! I’ve been debating on how to document Saffy’s training journey since our last blog because if I followed a chronological process, then I’d possibly be giving a false sense of where we’re at now. A doggy insta account once reminded me that training isn’t linear, and so I’ve decided our blog isn’t going to be either! We’ll jump back and forth to compare where we we’re there, vs. where we are now and where we hope to be this time next month. We actually started off so well, I thought I’d hit the jackpot (my first mistake, if it seems too good to...

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New Blog!! What to keep in your training bag by Tenderleigh Dog Training

What’s in my training bag and why… With so many shapes, sizes and colours of dummies out there, what do I choose to keep in my training kit and why do I rate it? On my gundog classes and 1-2-1s, I bring a variety of Paws@brooklyn dummies and equipment for handlers to try so that they can see which their dog needs or perhaps prefers.  Let’s start with younger dogs, the three options I carry for younger dogs are from lightest to heaviest. The puppy dummy, this is a small dummy filled with wadding and is almost weightless. This is the first thing we try for any puppy under 6 months of age. This is easy for pups to carry...

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