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Paws@brooklyn Exclusive Beaded Slip Leads

Paws@brooklyn Exclusive Beaded Slip Leads

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Paws@brooklyn are incredibly excited to offer our own exclusive Handmade Slip Leads with beaded stopper and whipping.

We have tried and tested them ourselves. We have searched the marketplace and have yet to find another slip lead even remotely similar!!

Our very own special leads are 130cm in length and 6mm, they all come with 3 beads stuck together to act as the stopper and then are beautifully finished with whipping.

As these are handmade we can make your own unique lead, please pop us a DM with your requirements.

Rope colour: Baby Pink, Royal Blue, Emerald Green, Lilac, Black, Purple or Burgundy. 

Whipping colour : Black, Lilac, Purple, Green or Baby Pink 

Bead Colours : Sparkly purple, shimmering silver, green, lilac, lilac stripe, pearly white, shiny pink, blue or pearlescent purple 

Please note: These leads fall under copyright laws 2023. 

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