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Dog & Field Wood Pigeon Range

Dog & Field Wood Pigeon Range

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Paws@brooklyn stock the fantastic new Pigeon Range designed by Dog & Field.

 The Award Winning Original Clone®️ Wood Pigeon Dummy is the result of many hours of research and development with the main goals outlined in the attempt to bring a new generation of gundog training dummy to the market. Now, you can get it in Wood Pigeon feather pattern!

Dog & Field’s range of Original Clone®️ training dummies bring a new life like realism to your training with the high definition photographic canvas print of real-life game birds feather patterns. Designed specifically with the dog and hander in min, the advanced marking visibility and eye-catching realistic appeal of the dummy to help your train your dog with the convenience of dummies and the realism of the types of game birds your dog may be retrieving in the field.

The Original Clone®️ range of gundog dummies offers three sizes and game bird feather patterns including a Snipe, Partridge and Pheasant all in the traditional dummy shapes and sizes.

A 100g Snipe dummy, a 250g or 1/2lb Partridge & Pigeon pattern dummy and a 500g or 1lb Pheasant, Pigeon & Duck feather dummy, all offered in the traditional canvas training dummy shape including a durable throwing toggle.

 Designed and manufactured by Dog & Field

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